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RefWorks LogoOn February 15, 2014 RefWorks will make improvements to its internal systems to accommodate a growing number of users and reduce the need for future downtime.

An eight hour (8) maintenance window is needed to perform these enhancements, lasting from 3:00 UTC through 11:00 UTC.

During this time period RefWorks users can expect sporadic availability, including short periods of complete downtime. We anticipate that access issues and possible functionality problems will last anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes. If you experience issues with RefWorks during this maintenance window we recommend that you close your browser session, and return to RefWorks at a later time.

See below for a more complete list of times and time zones.

  • Eastern Time: Saturday, February 15 at 10:00 PM for eight (8) hours

ProQuest RefWorks welcomes customer feedback. Please email your comments to refworks.support@proquest.com or visit www.proquest.com/go/suggestions.


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The Official ABMS Directory of Medical Specialists is no longer being published in print.

See http://www.abmsdirectory.com/ for the new online-only version of this directory of board-certified specialists.

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Renovations Continue in the Matthews-Fuller Library

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn addition to getting a fresh coat of paint over the holidays, the Matthews-Fuller Library (DHMC, 5th floor) has a couple of big projects left:

  • Starting Monday, January 21, DHMC Engineering staff will be working in the ceiling over the unbound journals section of the library to repair the HVAC system. This will take most of the week.
  • Also starting on Monday, January 21, new carpet installation will begin in front of the circulation and the reference desk.  The carpet crew will arrive around 9:00 AM, Monday morning to begin the removal of the old carpet.  They plan to spend the entire day in that space.  From there, they will begin to remove the old carpet and install the new carpet behind the circulation/reference desk. Once that area is completed, they will proceed to move throughout the library over the course of approximately two weeks, removing the old carpet, and installing the new carpet.

There will be a significant amount of shuffling around books, furniture, etc., during this time.  We apologize for the disruption this will cause and encourage you to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, etc.

Thank you for your patience.

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As you may have heard, the Dana Biomedical Library is scheduled to come down, along with Gilman, early in 2013 in order to make way for a new building to house the library, Geisel administration, TDI, TDC, and two social sciences departments.  During the construction period, the library’s staff and study spaces will be at 37 Dewey Field and the collections will be housed offsite.  We’ll be in touch with more details later.

In preparation, we are beginning a freshening up of the Dana Biomedical Library’s book collection – we’re clearing out dated, duplicative, superseded, and unused material in order to make the newer material more visible and easily browsed when we move into the new building in 2016.  

Books designated for weeding will be pulled and shelved in Dana’s first floor Quinn Room. They will be held there for four weeks before being processed for discard.  During this time you are welcome to review our selections and ask us to keep titles you believe are still of value to research or the curriculum at Dartmouth/DHMC.  (You may also ask that a discarded book be made available to you for your personal collection.)  A list of books slated for discard will also be posted on the Biomedical Libraries web at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/biomed/resources/dana-books.html, along with instructions for making comment.

New discard selections will be added weekly, so check often if you are interested.  This weeding project will likely continue for quite some time.

If you have questions, please contact Peggy Sleeth, Associate Director/Information Resources.


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PsycINFO, an index of the literature in psychology and related disciplines, is moving to a new search interface – ProQuest.  You can view it now at http://search.proquest.com/psycinfo/advanced?accountid=10422.  The former CSA search interface will go away shortly.  The database itself remains the same – what’s changing is the look and some of the searching mechanics.  However, if you had a saved search in the old interface you will need to re-do it in the new system.

For a summary of the changes, see the guide prepared by the James P. Adams Library at Rhode Island College at http://ric.libguides.com/content.php?pid=218435&sid=1848242.

For help using PsycINFO, talk to one of our Biomedical Librarians.  See http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/biomed/services/askchat.html for contact information.

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The Dartmouth College Library is evaluating our subscription to the physics-engineering-computer science database, INSPEC.  Please take a moment to respond to our quick survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MWXTXPP

We appreciate your feedback!

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dynamedDynaMed is a clinical reference tool that provides evidence-based, clinically-organized reviews for over 3,200 topics.  Designed for use at the point of care, DynaMed quickly outlines general information, causes and risk factors, complications and associated conditions, history and physical, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, prevention and screening, information for the patient, quality improvement measures, and national guidelines.  Evidence supporting recommendations is well-referenced and graded.

A recent article in BMJ evaluated five point-of-care resources (including UpToDate) to see how quickly the resources updated new evidence.  DynaMed was judged the best by far at updating critical topic reviews based on new evidence.

According to another study of disease reference tools by KLAS, survey respondents indicated that DynaMed excelled in the credibility of the information it provided and in the relevance of its information.

Links to DynaMed can be found on the Biomedical Libraries Web under Resources and in the Dartmouth Library Catalog.

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